Getting Up Early, Getting Things Done

So January’s over, and so is my first trial of timeboxing three hours every day. That trial gave me mixed results: on many days, I got my three hours done, and felt really good about having accomplished tasks I needed to. On some days, though, my schedule was so cramped that I couldn’t find time in the day to do the hours. On yet other days, I just couldn’t work up the energy to do them at all. I definitely want to continue timeboxing, but there’s something I need to add: a schedule. One of the things which made it hard to timebox when I was feeling lazy is that I didn’t have any particular time assigned for it.

My February trial will be to timebox 2 hours every day, but with a catch: Those two hours will be spent right after getting up at 8h every morning! This is a big deal for me, since my schedule until now has been so late. My earliest class is at 13h15 this semester, with all of my other ones starting after 18h! As a result, my sleep schedule’s been to get up around 11-12h every day, which gets me off to a very lazy start. Shifting that back to 8h is going to be a challenge, but fixing my wakeup time should help cement my schedule in place, so that I can start to form new routines. At least I’m getting a good start with today. =)

The reason I want to schedule the timeboxing right after I get up is because there’s no better way to start the day than by getting things done. It initializes your mind for productivity, which influences it for the rest of the day. Also, since I have nothing normally scheduled for that time (except on Saturday, where I might need to compromise), there’s no excuse not to do it.

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