First Early Month’s End

At the beginning of February I set the goal of getting up at 8 every morning, even though, at the time, I was in the habit of getting up around noon. It was a bit scary, and I ended a zombie for the first week. I managed to keep to the goal except for two days, one which I excepted for a special event and the other where I woke up, then fell back asleep until 9 (no AAA for me). At the end of the month, I’m really happy I made the goal!

Getting up at a set time early in the morning (early for me at least) cuts my laziness by a lot. Managing to pull myself out of bed each morning motivates me to do things, instead of just. . . not doing things. Also, it means that staying up late has serious zombie consequences, which helps me resist surfing aimlessly late into the night. Overall I feel like I’m making much better use of my time now.

I’m definitely going to continue getting up early, though I’ll let up a bit and let myself sleep in every once in a while. I’m actually thinking of moving the time earlier. I probably would have already except for the fact that I have a couple of classes ending at 22h or later, which wouldn’t allow me much sleep. In summer, it would be nice to get up closer to sunrise!

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