Do It and Move On

One of the hardest parts of getting things done is actually working on problems, instead of just thinking about them. Some amount of thought obviously helps, but at a certain point you have much more to learn by tackling them head on than by being overly cautious. Not only does this help to learn about the practical issues you face, but after finishing any challenge, no matter if it’s perfect, you can move on. You can start new projects, and your experience with completing previous ones can lead you in directions you couldn’t have predicted. It’s stimulating to finish things and then move on, it keeps you motivated.

For example, the theme currently on my site was one I was thinking of for a while. I threw around designs, fiddling with ideas for months. But then I decided to actually go and write the theme. If I hadn’t taken that step in implementing it, I’d probably still be stuck with those same ideas now. But after getting it done, my mind’s moved on, and I’m thinking of new theme ideas that hadn’t even occurred to me before!

Both failure and success are learning opportunities. At least by tackling the problem head-on you can give yourself permission to move on.

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 22:51. trackback