Pax Britannica Pre-Release

Update: Visit the official Pax Britannica website.

Pax Britannica is No Fun Games’ newest work, a one-button real-time strategy game. It was programmed and designed by Renaud B├ędard, Matthew Gallant and myself, with visuals by Daniel Burton and audio by Ben Abraham. It was written for Kokoromi’s gamma 4, a showcase for one-button games. Once we found out that it hadn’t been selected, we posted it to the TIGForums for feedback. We weren’t really planning on treating this as an official release, but it’s gotten enough attention that it’s about time I wrote something about it ^_^.

In Pax Britannica, you control one of up to four motherships taking part in an underwater skirmish. Each player uses one button (A, F, H, or L if you don’t have gamepads plugged in) to control ship production, with the ships themselves being AI-controlled.

To check it out, download the Windows pre-release. Mac OSX and Linux versions are on the way, along with the official release.

These simple mechanics lead to a surprising amount of depth, and we’ve gotten praise to that effect. Pax Britannica was shown on Bytejacker, my favourite video podcast ever, where it’s currently a contender for Free Indie of the Week. It’s been featured on, Play This Thing!, Gamasutra, and among others (thanks guys!). Also, an adorable little kid said it was good! (Thanks @CymonsGames!)

For a quick peek, check out Darius Kazemi’s video review (much appreciated!), embedded below.

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