Vote for Environment: Oust the Conservatives

The environmental crisis grows only more critical over time. It is important that measures are taken as soon as possible, and yet the Conservative Party of Canada refuses to do anything. They collaborated with the Bush administration to actively obstruct international discussions on the matter, and calling their intensity-based carbon emission targets a pro-environment plan is quite simply fraudulent. Each of the other three national parties have more competent pro-environment plans, so what is critical at this point is blocking Stephen Harper from continuing as prime minister.

The problem is that the pro-environment vote is split between the remaining parties. On October 14, more than 50% of Canadians will vote for pro-environment parties, and yet, because of vote splitting, we may end up yet again electing an anti-environment government, perhaps even in a majority position.

Vote splitting can have a devastating effect on the distribution of seats. For example, in the last general election the NDP got nearly twice as many votes as the Bloc Quebecois, and yet they only won 29 seats versus the Bloc’s 51. The Green Party of Canada, which earned nearly half the number of votes as the Bloc Quebecois, won no seats at all.

Because the pro-environment vote is distributed widely, both among parties and geographically, there is a high chance that no single party will be able to defeat the conservatives. Strategic voting can help to alleviate this. Visit to see how you can help defeat the conservatives in your riding. Voting strategically, even if it means not voting for your prefered party, will help to increase the number of seats won by each pro-environment party, including yours.

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